Tonsils are two masses of tissue found on the back of the mouth that are a very small part of the immune system which help the body identify germs. Adenoids are located higher, above the roof of the mouth. There are two main reasons to have your children’s tonsils or adenoids removed 1) to help improve sleeping and/or breathing. Once they become enlarged, they block a child’s breathing – especially during sleep. 2) or because of constant infections, known as tonsillitis.

ENT of NJ utilizes the innovative approach known as Coblation®, an advanced technology designed to quickly and gently remove tonsils and adenoids using high frequency energy and saline. The traditional procedures remove tonsils and adenoids by cutting or burning, causing pain and potential damage to healthy tissue. Coblation® is often an outpatient procedure that leaves the healthy tissue surrounding the tonsils unaffected, resulting in significantly less pain and quicker recovery.