What are Nasal Polyps?

Nasal Polyps, a non-cancerous mass of tissue inside the nose, can cause allergies and sinus infections and often make it difficult to breathe and smell. Symptoms
can either be addressed with medication or surgical removal if a severe case. In
many cases polyps can reoccur.

Nasal polyps are often associated with respiratory diseases such as allergic rhinitis, rhinosinusitis (chronic sinusitis), asthma or cystic fibrosis. Sensitivity to aspirin can also lead to the development of nasal polyps.

Nasal polyps may not be noticeable but may cause symptoms which
can be irritating a few are:


-Post nasal drip

-Runny nose

-Nasal congestion

-Slight bleeding when blowing nose

We proudly offer a non-surgical procedure for patients who suffer from repeat nasal polyps with SINUVA™ (mometasone furoate) Sinus Implant. SINUVA is proven to reduce polyps and nasal congestion and obstruction.1

1SINUVA Prescribing Information, Intersect ENT. December 2017.