Our Practice

The core ENT of NJ’s care is providing minimally invasive procedures. Through technology-driven approaches such as Image Guided Surgery and Coblation®, our goal for each patient is to produce:

1) Minimal scarring
2) Small incisions
3) Shorter surgeries
4) Quicker recovery times

Image Guided Surgeries

Focusing on the most cutting edge technology for our patient’s best results, ENT of NJ utilizes image guided surgeries (IGS) for the most accurate procedures, in less time, with shortened recovery time.This state-of-the art technique relies on a powerful computer system that produces a virtual three-dimensional mapping system that combines CT scans of the patient’s anatomy and real-time information about the exact position of surgical instruments using electromagnetic signals. The surgical site and its surroundings can be viewed from different angles and in relation to landmark structures like the sinus cavities or the skull. During the operating procedure, the physician can track, on a monitor, the movement of his or her instruments with a precision of 1-2 millimettters, significantly decreasing damage to healthy tissue and to critical areas.

Benefits of Image Guided Surgery

Reduced procedure time
Shortened patient stay
Fewer complications
Greater accuracy
Fewer revisions
Enhanced visualization
Advanced pre-surgical planning


With patient care and the most advanced treatments at the heart of the practice, ENT of New Jersey offers Coblation®, an advanced technology designed to quickly and gently remove tonsils and adenoids using high frequency energy and saline. The traditional procedures remove tonsils and adenoids by cutting or burning, causing pain and potential damage to healthy tissue. Coblation® is often an outpatient procedure that leaves the healthy tissue surrounding the tonsils unaffected, resulting in significantly less pain and quicker recovery.