Anatomy of the ear and Ear Microsurgery

Ear Microsurgery

Ear Microsurgery is performed with a microscope to replace bones of the middle ear that are either fixed and immobile or missing. Ear drum perforations are also repaired using the patient’s own tissue.


Hearing loss lasting for some time could be caused by a hole in the eardrum that doesn’t heal. There is also a chance of ear infections,
especially when water or dirt gets into the ear, and these will make the hearing worse. That is when ear microsurgery (Tympanoplasty) might become an option for some patients. The hole in the eardrum will be closed with an
operation under general anaesthesia, using the patient’s own tissue, which is taken from a cut in the skin near the ear. The patch or ’graft’ will grow together with the remaining eardrum over a couple of weeks.

To ensure good healing it is important to keep the ear dry for the first month at least and to
take the medicines and ear drops as prescribed by the doctor. The hearing will improve over a couple of months. It is important to keep the follow-up appointments.

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